Meet Virginia

Working on What Matters

The Salem area has been my home for my entire life. My family moved to West Salem when I was five and that is where I spent my youth. After I married my husband, Isaak, we bought our first home in the Englewood neighborhood. We love this part of town and have lived in Ward 1 for 12 years now. My husband and I have been married for 18 years and we share the joy of raising our two daughters.

Since I was a child working summers in the berry fields I have worked in a variety of jobs and at every level, from entry positions to leadership roles.  I had the amazing experience of starting and running a successful landscaping business with my husband for several years which we then sold. Since 2014 I’ve had the privilege of being a full-time mother, a lifelong dream of mine. I put off college when my children were younger, but am now completing my Associates degree at Chemeketa Community College.

Since we moved to Englewood my husband and I have been committed to community service. My husband and I ran our Neighborhood Watch program and coordinated the National Night Out for many years. We enjoy finding new ways to connect with our neighbors, from hosting Sunday Suppers to inviting Mayor Bennett over to listen to our neighbor's concerns.


Several years ago I joined a group of community members to help start the Englewood Forest Festival. I also worked hard to get safer passage for pedestrians by getting flashing lights installed at the crosswalk on 19th and Market as well as the replacement of several sidewalks around our neighborhood.

Our family is fully-committed to our public schools and I work to support our neighborhood schools in a variety of ways. I've spent the past two years serving on the Salem-Keizer School District Budget Committee and I have also served on the Englewood Parent-Teacher Club for two years. I recently led the beautification project at Englewood Elementary where I also volunteer.

I know that my life's work will be in service of others, whether that's through community projects, advocacy work, or in the form of holding public office. I have a vision for where we are heading as a community and I want to aid in that journey. My goal will always be to improve the lives of others and preserve the environment for future generations. That's why I hope to serve my neighbors in Ward 1 on the Salem City Council.



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